Mr. Sharif Zahir BOD  

Sharif Zahir

Mr Sharif Zahir is a brilliant and successful entrepreneur who has founded his own company in the fields of IT, apparel, properties, finance and energy. His background comprises about 16 years of extensive international professional exposure.

In 1998, Mr Sharif Zahir founded Creative Visions Ltd which has collaborated with Datapro Info World for providing software training and banking solution in the finance industry. In the year 2006, Sharif took the helm of Ananta Group of Companies as the Managing Director. Ananta Group is primarily engaged in the apparel sector with an annual turnover of USD 160 million. The group employs over 18,000 people exporting to major retailers in the USA and European markets. Under his leadership the company has grown at a remarkable rate of 25-30% every year over the last three years.

Mr Sharif Zahir holds the position of Vice Chairman of United Commercial Bank Limited, one of the oldest private commercial banks with a network of 139 branches in Bangladesh, and National Finance Limited (NFL), a non banking financial institution established in 2001. He is also the Chairman of Vanguard Asset Management Ltd, an investment management company founded in 2013. Mr Zahir is actively involved in the real-estate industry as the Managing Director of Ananta Properties Limited, a real estate management company that owns and manages various properties in Bangladesh. In addition he founded Ananta Energy Resources Ltd.which has investments in the CNG refilling and distribution business.

Sharif holds a Degree in Economics from University of Texas, Austin, USA. He holds the status of CIP from the Government of Bangladesh.


Waqar Ahmad Choudhury  

Waqar Ahmed Choudhury 
Director and Managing Director & CEO

Mr. Waqar Ahmad Choudhury was the stakeholder and sponsor Director from 1996 to 2012, of Green Delta Insurance Company Limited, one of the largest General Insurance Companies in Bangladesh. During this period Mr. Choudhury played a pivotal role making equity investments in creating the following ventures:

  1. Delta BRAC Housing Limited (DBH), largest housing finance company in Bangladesh.
  2. United Hospital Limited, one of the leading corporate hospitals in Bangladesh.
  3. Green Delta Securities Limited, having membership of Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange.
  4. Green Delta Capital Limited, one of the leading Merchant Banks in Bangladesh.

Apart from the above investments he played a key role to finalize the equity participation of IFC to Green Delta Insurance Company. His net worth with Green Delta is over 80 million BDT. He was immediate past Managing Director and CEO of Green Delta LR Holdings Limited with 30 years of experience in the field of investment banking mainly in the capital market, insurance and trading business. Mr. Waqar also worked as Director of Nascom (Pvt.) Ltd. He is widely reputed for crafting requisite strategic vision to achieve business goals. Mr Waqar holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Banking from Adelphi University in Long Island, NY, USA.


Mr. Asif Zahir 1  

Asif Zahir 

Asif Zahir joined Ananta Group as a Director in August 2008, and has been responsible for leading his family business into one of the largest and fastest growing apparel manufacturing companies in Bangladesh with a turnover of over USD 160 million and employee over 18,000 people. Asif is also serving as the Director of National Finance Limited, a non-banking financial institution and Vanguard Asset Management Ltd, an investment management firm. Prior to returning to Bangladesh, Asif Zahir spent several years in the USA working as a Product Manager at Google, Inc. where he focused on developing applications for the Android mobile operating platform.

Asif graduated from Stanford University, USA with a degree in Computer Science, where he was recognized as a President’s Scholar and a Mayfield Fellow. Asif has also completed his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard University, USA.



Syed Ishtiaq Alam 

Mr. Syed Ishtiaq Alam is the Director of Ananta Group Limited. Mr. Alam to his credit has over 10 years of Management Consulting experience in the Financial Services, Insurance, Apparel and Retail sectors. Prior to joining Ananta Group Limited, Mr. Alam was based at New York headquarters of Deloitte Consulting as a Manager where he was responsible for assisting leading Insurance companies, Wall Street Investment Banks and Apparel/Retail clients implement multi-year projects including strategy/planning, program/project management, develop business processes, project implementation and rollout. Mr. Alam also sits on the Board of Directors of Eastern Insurance Co. Limited. His career includes leadership roles including partnership to handle capital expenditures and systems upgrades. He holds a Bachelor of Science with distinction in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters Degree in Computer and Information Science also from the University of Pennsylvania.


Akikur Rahman  

Akiqur Rahman Choudhury

Mr. Akiqur Rahman Choudhury is a Non Resident Bangladeshi with nearly 18 years of experience to his credit as a Financial Consultant, Real Estate and Restaurant business expert in UK. He is the Director of Dil Chad Holdings Limited, Dil Chad Investment Limited, Dil Chad Restaurant Limited, Onupam Development Limited, Property Time Limited, Bangla City Supermarket Limited, Bangla Town Business Complex Limited, Wild Fusion Limited, Platinum 2007 Limited, E1 Accountancy and Broad Land UK Corporation Limited in the United Kingdom. He is also Managing Director of Wild Cross Properties Limited and E1 Finance Direct Limited in UK. Mr. Choudhury is an IFA Diploma in Independent Financial Consultancy in UK.  His reputation includes outstanding capability of leading complex systems implementation and applications development toward enhanced profit through quality performance.

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