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Name of the Fund

Vanguard AML Growth Fund

BSEC Registration No.

24th July 2018, Ref: BSEC/Mutual Fund/2018/94

BSEC’s Consent Date and No.

15th October, 2018, Ref: BSEC/MF & SPV/MF-176/2017/1002

Trust Deed Registration Date

09th July, 2018

Date of Floatation

2nd December, 2018

Initial Fund Size & Face Value

Tk. 10,00,00,000/- (Taka Ten Crore Only) and Tk. 10/- (Taka Ten).

Type of the Mutual Fund

Open-End Growth Fund as defined in ‘Securities and Exchange Commission (Mutual Fund) Rule, 2001’ which implies that the objective of the fund should be for long term capital appreciation instead of short term profit

Sponsor & Asset Manager

Vanguard Asset Management Limited

Trustee & Custodian

Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB)

Investment Objective

The objective of the fund is to provide attractive risk adjusted return to the unit holders by investing the proceeds in the capital market and money market

Minimum Investment Size

Individuals: Tk. 1,000/- per application (100 Units), and

Institutions: Tk. 25,000/- per application (2,500 Units)

NAV, Sales and Repurchase Price Disclosure

NAV, Sales Price and Repurchase Price will be disclosed on weekly basis and will be published on website of the Fund Manager and as per prescribed rule


Minimum 50% (Fifty percent) of realized profit of the fund will be distributed as dividend in Bangladeshi Taka or CIP (if requested by the investor) only in each accounting year

Dividend Distribution

The dividend warrant will be distributed within 45 (forty five) days from the date of declaration

Transferability & Liquidity

The units of the fund are transferable by way of inheritance/gift and/or by specific operation of the law.


The unit holders can also surrender and encash their units to the Asset Manager and through the selling agents appointed by the asset manager during the business hours as specified by the Asset Management company

Tax Benefit

a) Income from mutual fund or unit fund up to Tk. 25,000/- (Taka Twenty Five Thousand) is exempted from the tax under Income Tax Ordinance 1984


b) Investment in mutual fund will qualify for investment tax credit for individual Investors according to the section 44(2) under Income Tax Ordinance 1984

Fund performance

Weekly NAV

Date Face value Cost Price Market Price

Unit Trade

Unit Trade Information

Date Sale Price (Tk) Repurchase Price (Tk) Validity From Validity To

Financial Statements & Portfolios

Price Sensitive Information


For Individual Investors

Application Form to Purchase Units-Individual (NON SIP)

For institutional Investors

Application Form to Purchase Units-Institution (Non-SIP)

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)


Fund Documents

2018 18/10/2018 Vanguard AML Growth Fund- Repurchase/Surrender Form
2018 18/10/2018 Vanguard AML Growth Fund- Transfer Form
2018 24/07/2018 Vanguard AML Growth Fund - Registration Certificate

Fund Fact Sheet

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